What’s new

With Moola’s new update, you’ll find lots of great new features, with improvements to help manage your business from anywhere.

Marketing and Customer Management

Keep in touch with your customers with notifications, service prompts, promotions, birthday wishes, and more.
Your customers can use Moola4U, a dedicated customer version, to manage their own equipment, receive notifications, and schedule service appointments.

Sales and Warehouse Management

Your inventory is always up-to-date and immediately reflects your sales, orders and receiving. Moola gives you suggested order information using inventory algorithms so you can be sure to have what your customer needs. With detailed reporting capabilities, you can track your inventory status.

Employee Management

Moola manages complete employee information. Track employment contracts, contacts, work history, assigned assets and more. Moola allows you to instantly deliver important documents to individual employees or groups.


Moola automatically aggregates financial data, instantly showing you your financial status. You can view assets, liabilities and equity and quickly be aware of any fluctuations.

For more details, see User manual


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