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Moola supports staff management: stores all employee information and all attachments such as contracts, degrees, certificates as well as company documents issued to each employee.
Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in attendance by face recognition. Thereby supporting handle timekeeping for employess working inside and outside the office. In addition, creating and approving leave requests is also done quickly and easily. 
Users can create payroll, edit payroll, wages, track pay history, manage allowances, discounts, taxes and insurance for all employees.

Staff management

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Manage staff details: Personal information, job position, department. At the same time, users can update and manage candidate and employee records including: resumes, diplomas, certificates and related documents…

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Constantly updated
Control and continuously update information on changes and fluctuations of each employee during the working process: labor contract, reward, discipline, periodic employees, increase wage or wage cut.

Timekeeping using facial recognition technology

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Using AI technology 
The intelligent timekeeping function with AI technology makes it fast, accurate and easy to use.

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Keep track of timekeeping easily
Staff can easily apply for leave, make up breaks, or track their working hours.

Payroll management

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Preset suitable parameters
Set parameters about working days, working shifts, salary calculation methods,… users can also set up payroll with full time information as well as edit payroll.

Transparent and accurate information
Staffs can tracking their own work day and salary details each month.

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Salary reports
Summarize and print out salary reports including payroll, make income tables and salary detail of each staff.


Let build a strong and effective human resources for your business with Moola.

Together, we can bring satisfaction to customers

Moola-Pro provides managers a solution of customers management. That helps users manage and do customer care with the best quality.

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