With a powerful mobile platform, Moola Pro helps businesses in sale jobs anytime and anywhere. Everything is on the same invoice. All in one, salepersons are able to do all the work on an invoice such as: Selling units, parts, services as well as Leasing, Assigning and Setting customer reminders… In addition, Moola can assist businesses in saving time and human, as well as tracing closely sales process of a customer. Morever, Software provides managers with analystics, reports and assessment of the business situation at any time.

Manage invoices and contracts

Manage invoice status, services, details, quantity and price of an item, customer information and some payment information such as deposit, discount, tax, payment methods,…

There are many invoices containing products that have not been delivered to customers. Moola will solve this issue by automatically notifying the customer to pick up when products arrive. With the system, users can manage every sales process and do multiple payment recording.

smart sales

quickly search and easy to add new products.
Automatically offer hot selling items.

Automatically calculate and  clause v.a.t tax.
Make payment according to sold invoices.

Save time and human

With the powerful mobile platform, Moola Pro helps businesses with selling and providing sevices on the same invoice anytime and any where.

Sharing and Connecting Customer

Create and send quote, invoice to customer by email and some applications such as Messenger, Viber, Skype,…

Assist users in create standard invoice template of an enterprise.
Send invoice of the use of service to Moola-4U (if it’s availble).

Easy to manage

Track sales activities of staffs and customers.
Using sale journal for every products, staffs and stores.

Analyst sales by every product to assist businesses in making  standard plans of ordering.
Manage closely debt, support to track accounts receivable. Export synthesis report and simple report by every type of products and stores.

Increase sales with Moola

Moola-Pro provides managers with analystics, reports as well as reviews in anytime.

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