In 2019, Moola offers the most complete and effecitve solution to the rental management problem. The new solution has been deployed in the US, applied in Vietnam and has proven highly effective. Moola is the only application that can help customers closely manage the status of products (parts for rent, parts in stock, parts that have been ordered but not yet delivered,…), time ( time to pick up – return goods,..), profit and condition before and after delivery. The solution that Moola offers will help customers eliminate all manual and manual methods. In addition, it also supports maximum control and improves work efficiency.

Precise and detailed management

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Management by time
Moola Pro manages the rental schedule of each product, specificially rental schedule, pick-up schedule, returrn schedule,… Accurately track rental products on daily basis.

Manage status of products
The application can store pre-rent images of the product. Support creating check-list to check products before and after renting.
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Easy to use

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Quick search
Support quick search for rental parts by serial code or QR code. recommend best-selling items and available rental dates,…
Dễ dàng thao tác Quản lý sản phẩm qua hình ảnh, mã serial, màu sắc, tên, đặc tính,… giúp cho người dùng dễ dàng sử dụng dù có rất nhiều mặt hàng
Control the delivery and receipt of goods accurately
The reporting system makes it easy for users to look up delivery list, goods receipt list, List of items to be checked when delivery, save information accompanying documents, sign receipt,…
Manage attached services details
Being the only software on the market that support tracking service fees, from insurance fee, delivery fee, receipt fee, training,…
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Track rental profits efficiently

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Track rental profits efficiently
Track sales and rental profits effectively by staff, item, date,…

Manage lost sales

Control lost sales problem, then making standard plans.

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Moola understands that besides the rental price, renting by the hour, day,... the rental schedule is an important factor determining the profit level.

Moola hiểu rằng bên cạnh giá thuê, và thuê theo giờ, ngày, … thì xếp lịch thuê là yếu tố quan trọng quyết định mức lợi nhuận

Let Moola help you

Install Moola today to help you come up with a solution of rental management.

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