Moola builds its technology ecosystem through the two of applications: Moola Pro and Moola-4U. Moola-4U becomes the bridge between inside enterprise and outside one. Through the application, businesses and their products will be brought to customers in the fastest way. 
In addition, Moola-4U can bring you new customers easily. Advertising tools help promote business development and optimal promotion in the market. In particular, Moola-4U will help you maintain a loyal customer group anytime, anywhere.

Moola 4U - Efficent and cost saving mobile marketing channel

marketing - thu hút khách hàng

Attract customers from anywhere

When using Moola Pro, businesses can promote their products and services, espsecially promotion or free present on Moola-4U. That is how users advertise their products and business to customers. After that, businesses can create their own value.


Customer can find you anytime and anywhere

Millions of users daily search for applications and install them from Google or Apple Store. With Moola-4U, customers can find you faster than ever.

Build Loyalty customer group following Re-marketing method on Mobile Appilcation

marketing - xây dựng khách hàng

Help customer keep their impression of your business longer

Moola-4U allow sending notication message to customers cooperated in the past. Those will appear on customer’s devices. Every promtion and present will be displayed and introduced to customers immediately.

marketing - xây dựng khách hàng

Request service request notifications and book appointments from Moola-4U

Customers can submit service request and arange appointments with users via Moola-4U app without having to visit the store. That makes it easy for customers to stay connected with you at all times.

Branding with just a special application

Enhance your brand in the most classy way and engage your customers in the most impressive way.

Develop busuness brand by Moola-4U

In case you want to build an application with Name, Logo and some Characteristics to develop your own brand. Please contact us again via email: or leave information via the website mailbox

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