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Moola’s Enterprise Resource Planning system, developed from the PC software system, has benefited hundreds of North American machinery and equipment distributors. MOOLA has teamed up with experts from the United States to successfully pack the entire structure of a complex management system into a very simple mobile application.

Utilizing cloud computing technology, Moola eliminates the dependence of managers and staff on heavy computers with complex connections. With Moola, 100% of stores’ daily operations are performed on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and Android tablets.

...Read more More than a technical solution, Moola provides support from sales and service management professionals from around the world, helping businesses continually optimize their sales, repairs, and maintenance processes while still providing flexibility and responsiveness to almost every organizational structure.

In addition, Moola offers opportunities to connect with potential customers through Moola4U. Moola4U is a search engine for personal property management and services, providing a new and more effective marketing platform for businesses, retailers, and service centers.


Manage services

Customers can schedule their own service requests.


Collect all financial information with no need for paperwork.


Manage your warehouse, create sales order and maintain inventory.


Create specials to attract new business and customers with Mool4U.

Manage staff

Track complete employee information.

Manage Customer Assets

Store customers repair history and warranty information.


  • I used to think it was weird that everything we were doing on a computer would be transferred to a phone, but after a few days of using it I found it very odd to hear someone say it was impossible. . Moola did surprisingly good.

    Thanh Hải
  • The idea of Moola is like putting an elephant in a refrigerator, simply opening the door, putting the elephant in and closing the door. We were also overwhelmed by our own ideas and then realized that the computer software systems were being too big to fit, while the phone was too powerful – Nothing is impossible.

    Robert Brim

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Release of Moola4U on Apple App store and Google Play Store

We are pleased to announce Moola4U for both IOS and Android devices is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Moola4U is the consumer version of […]

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