Customer care

Customers are always an important object that needs the best management and care process. That brings long-term profits to the business. Moola understands this issue, that why we launch software specifically for managers. Moola Pro is an effective support tool for customer management. It can store and manages a complete customer portfolio, information on purchases, returns, receivable,… especially After-sales care support. Moola Pro will automatically schedule thank messages for  customer or remind the staff to do this.

Manage customer details

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Manage customers

Control customer details or manage by each salesperson. Users can also divide customer information among staffs for easy management. The operational information of each customer such as the number of purchases, sales,… are also stored for care and reporting.

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Easy to make contact with customers

Customer care staff can easily manage their own list and contact via phone, email, message. They can also record transactions with customers for follow-up and view a list of customers birthday by month to take care of. The Application makes it easy to analyze sales by customer.

Automatically take care of customers (Auto reminder)

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Notify automatically

Automatically send notifications to customers through the application. Users can also text or email customers on an automatic reservation schedule when invoicing sales.

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Set up notification for customers

The system allows setting up a plan to send reminder notifications to customers at a preset time.

Warranty management

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Assets of customer

All sold goods are managed as customer assetss in the customer detail section.

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Warranty service

Property information is easily searched by many criteria. We also can see the histoey of service use, maintenance, warranty,… It is easy to manage each property or take care of the respective customer.

Customers are the assets of the business

Customers are alway extremely important objects. Therefor, it is necessary to have the best management process for customers to bring long-term profits to the business.


Moola-Pro brings managers software with many tools to support customers. That can help businesses manage and take of customer with the best quality.

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