Tìm điểm dịch vụ giá tốt nhất, đạt các tiêu chuẩn của Moola. Cài đặt Moola4U -> Đăng ký tài khoản -> Chọn ưu đãi từ các điểm dịch vụ -> Yêu cầu dịch vụ -> Xác nhận hẹn. Moola4U là ứng dụng tìm kiếm điểm dịch vụ và quản lý tài sản cá nhân với kỳ vọng trở thành Uber tiếp theo cho ngành dịch vụ. Moola4U giúp bạn tìm thấy các điểm cung cấp dịch vụ có giá tốt ngay trong khu vực của bạn.

Release application Moola4U on Appstore and CH Play

We are pleased to announce that both versions of Moola4U for iOS and Android devices are available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s CH Play after a while available on Moola’s internal App Store.

Moola4U is the consumer version of the Moola ecosystem, which allows end users to manage their assets and search for the required services for each asset. Moola is doing its best to choose reputable and cost-effective service providers in the area to bring you the best experience.

The Moola4U version does not charge any fees for installation and use of services from Moola providers. Moola4U is an idea to bring added value to both customers and suppliers, where reputable suppliers will reduce their marketing costs and share that value with the promotion. for customers.

Moola4U is available to users right now at:



Moola App is a tool that connects customers and business managers to retailers around the world.
Developed from a PC software system that has benefited hundreds of North American machine and equipment distributors, engineers from Moola Software Ltd and experts from the United States have packaged Successfully complete the entire structure of a complex management system into a simple mobile application interface.
Using cloud computing, Moola reduces the dependence of managers and staff on heavy computers with complex connections. Now, 100% of the daily tasks of showrooms or service stores are performed on mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, tablets and Android smartphones.

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